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Players MUST be registered and paid in full by June 11, 2018 in order to attend tryouts.

Due to the Storm, Tryouts will now start during the week of June 11 (see updated schedule below).

Players must be paid in full with photo and signature for the player pass received by the deadline dates in order to be placed on an A level travel team. After this date, players may only be placed on a B or C team as space remains available and at the discretion of the BSC Board.


  • Bring a soccer ball, shin guards, cleats and plenty of water. No game uniforms.


  • Players should arrive 15 minutes before the posted start time to check in.  Players arriving late for tryouts will not be evaluated for missed drills.
  • Please do not park or drop-off in the fire lanes near the playground and Upper Ptak.
  • Although it is not required, we strongly encourage players to attend both tryouts. It is important for all players to attend the first tryout session for their age group so BSC can determine if a second tryout is required. If the second tryout is canceled, players will be notified at the end of the first tryout and/or by e-mail (and posted on the website).
  • Click here to view the full Travel Team and Tryout Policies

REMINDER: Age groupings shifted to a calendar year format starting with the Fall 2016 season.

Click here to view the Age Group Chart

Click here for more details from US Soccer regarding the switch to Small-Sided Games and change in age groupings

* Please see below for information about U13/U14 tryouts and team formation.

Tryout locations:
Lower Ptak: Located at Town Hall behind Kids' Kingdom (field with the lights)
Upper Ptak: Located at the back of Town Hall between Kids' Kingdom and the Police Station.

Note: Changes to the schedule are highlighted in Red text.

Girls Tryout Schedule
Birth Year Age Group Date Time Location
2010 U9 Girls No Tryouts Needed
2009 U10/U11 Girls No Tryouts Needed
2007-2008 U12 Girls No Tryouts Needed
2005-2006 U13/U14 Girls* No Tryouts Needed


Boys Tryout Schedule
Birth Year Age Date Time Location
2010 U9 Boys Friday, June 15 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Horse Field
    Wednesday, June 20 Session Canceled. Results from first tryout will be used to form teams.
2009 U10 Boys Tuesday, June 12 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Horse Field
    Tuesday, June 19 Session Canceled. Results from first tryout will be used to form teams.
2008 U11/U12 Boys Thursday, June 14 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Upper Ptak
    Thursday, June 21 Session Canceled. Results from first tryout will be used to form teams.
2007 U12 Boys Combined with U11 Tryouts above
2005-2006 U13/U14 Boys* No Tryouts


During try-outs, the U13/14 age groups will be run with the age groups combined.  The initial intent is that BSC will submit combined U13/14 teams in A and B brackets for the upcoming seasonal year.  The past couple of years of registrations have shown this to be the trend for BSC.

Because of players who may be trying out with premier teams in late June/early July, the final U13/14 BSC rosters will not be posted until after premier teams have posted, usually completed around July 15th.  There is a chance that after the try-out results have been finalized and premier players have committed there may be enough BSC players to create both a competitive U13 and competitive U14 team – 15 players minimum on each competitive roster.  If both teams will be competitive A teams in both age brackets, BSC may elect to field non-combined teams.

BSC may reach out to parents and players during the try-out process to discuss premier and player intentions to play with BSC during the upcoming year.  Parents are encouraged to share their thoughts and intentions as they will help guide BSC decisions.

As with all other try-outs, players will be assessed according to BSC policies.  Specific to the U13/14 combined try-outs, a coach from both the spring U12 and U13/14 teams will serve as assessors.  They will represent both age groups on the field and their scores will be combined when factored into the total.  For upcoming U12 players who are interested in trying out for the U13/14 team, playing-up is as stated in the BSC policy.  A U12 player would need to place in the top 6 of the U13/14 combined try-out.